Rainbow Mountains of Peru

Peru – the word strikes Machu Picchu and ancient civilizations that settled in that country before the Europeans. It’s quite possible that you’ve never heard of the majestic Rainbow Mountains of Peru. They are indeed an exquisitely beautiful place for thrill seekers and adventure enthusiasts to visit. Peru is a country that has tremendous amounts of potential in terms of tourism and holds secret places such as these Rainbow Mountains. The scenic mountains resulted due to erosion of sedimentary rocks over the years. The rocks tend to keep their natural color but what’s impressive is how these stones have formed to create a set of seven colors.

Reaching the Rainbow Mountains isn’t an easy feat as you have to trek for at least 6 days to complete the trek. At 14,000 feet, the oxygen isn’t found in abundance which makes the task even more challenging for even the experienced hikers. From trekking through snowy mountains to Desert Mountains and marshes; the terrain is tough yet quite appealing to one’s eye. Majority of hikers that have gone to the place believe that the end reward of actually witnessing the Rainbow Mountains of Peru is extremely scenic.

The mountain is more formally known as Vinicunca or “Seven Color Mountain”. It is undoubtedly a nature’s gift and is located in the region of Cusco. The long 5 hour trek is exhausting and would test your limits. However, being an adventure seeker once you reach your final destination, you will not be disappointed.

National Geographic has listed the place in the top 100 places you must visit before you die due to its magnificent sight and colors. The weather effects on the color gradient as sunny days lead to lighter shades whereas cloudy days showcase darker shades of the splendid colors. It is one of the most aesthetically appealing sight to witness and truly manifest the beauty of nature in its full peak.

Visiting the place would not only leave you with unforgettable memories and stories to share but the beautiful panoramas and scenes will leave a beautiful mark as well. You could witness herds of llama and alpaca as well that add to the beauty of the place. Visiting such places impact greatly on one’s personal life as it allows you to witness the tremendous beauty of nature.

Peru welcomes adventurists into their country and provides all the facilities during their stay. There are numerous restaurants and hotels where you could book in prior to your climb up the mountains. Apart from the physical preparations for the trekking, you should be well acquainted of the surrounding and the trek route. Prepare your journey thoroughly and get maximum information about your travel. With adequate knowledge, you could get the maximum out of your stay in Peru.

Peru offers not just the Rainbow Mountains but the Peru Andes are indeed a sight to witness. Therefore pack your bags, gather your wits and get the inner adventure maniac out. It is time to explore the world!


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