Glacier National Park, Montana

There are few parks in the world that can match the natural wonders seen in the Glacier National Park, Montana. The site was previously a forest reserve and was converted to a national park in 1910. Glacier is well-known for its historic lodges which are surrounded by pure wilderness. You can even catch a grizzly bear in its natural habitat as they are present in abundance.

The 1562 sq. miles that make up the park are divided into five regions each with its own ranger station. The only road that goes through the park is the scenic Going-to-the-Sun Road which passes through the Rocky Mountains.

The park offers a slew of outdoor activities for thrill-seeking tourists. There are many hiking trails for beginners as well as experts. Visitors can venture out on their own to witness the wildlife and traverse the mountains or choose to take a guided tour with a ranger or naturalist. Some of the best trails begin at the Logan Pass since it is the highest point of the Sun Road and you might even spot the magnificent mountain goat there. If you’re not fond of walking that is no problem at all. The Red Bus Tours can take you along the Going-to-the-Sun Road to take in the full beauty of the park without having to physically exerting yourself.

There are several water sports activities available at the park’s many lakes. One of the most popular tourist attractions is the St Mary’s Lake Cruise. Traveling on the sparkling waters can give you 360-degree views of the mountain that are not visible from the road. Also to watch out for are the tiny islands that dot the lakeside. Another water sport is the whitewater float through the Middle Form. The course is a roller coaster ride which goes from gentle floating through the emerald slicks to holding on for dear life in the tumbling rapids

Glacier National Park is a great place to visit with the family as well. The lodges are kid-friendly and built to entertain the whole family. There are many lakeside picnic spots where you can enjoy delicious meals in peace. The Glacier Institute Class is also a center that takes children and adults on exciting and educational outdoor experiences.

The park offers glorious adventure during all four seasons but summer is the busiest season as all attractions and activities are open. During fall the park transitions to an orange-gold paradise and the wildlife is more active between September and mid-October. In winters the park is deserted as Roads are closed. Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing is the mode of transport and the winter wonderland is a sight worth seeing. Spring is the best time to take a ride through the whitewater rapids and observe the deer, elk and bears freely wandering through the park.

Those who travel and go on adventures are more well-rounded persons. It is the best medicine for a broken spirit because witnessing the natural beauty can make our problems seem very small in comparison.


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