Q & A with Mike Bishop ( @MikeBishop.TV )

Mike Bishop's work first caught our attention on Instagram with short clips full of adventure and amazing landscape videography. The real treasures of his work can be found on Vimeo where his aerial explorations of destinations like Kauai, Iceland, and Switzerland fill you with a true sense of wanderlust. The content Mike creates speaks for itself and his presence on social media is innovative, so we decided to introduce him to the Adrenalist community with this interview, enjoy!


Where are you from?


I’m Mike Bishop, a film maker, and photographer originally from Edmonton Alberta but based in Los Angeles California. 


Why did you get into this field of work?


I studied graphic design in the early 2000s, that turned into web design, and then video game design followed by motion graphics, 3d and visual effects, all of those things together slowly got me more and more into filming, and editing, and eventually photography. I took to hard way to becoming a photographer. Honestly, all that work in design and visual effects afforded me the ability to travel a lot to shoot, now I’m getting more paid shooting jobs which is perfect.     


From the Swiss Alps to the Napali coast, you've traveled and explored awesome locations, but for you which one was the best?


I think traveling to Iceland really changed my whole perspective on things, it’s really like a different planet out there and a big eye opener as to what more this world has to offer then our big cities, and developed areas. Iceland was like stepping back into a volcanic Ice age, largely devoid of humans, minus the millions of tourists who flock there to take pictures, but Iceland is still largely untouched and unpopulated.



 Photos Mike took from Thorsmork, Iceland



What was memorable about this trip, and did you end up learning something new?


There were to many memorable moments to list, we had an amazing crew out there. I worked with some really great photographer/guides Donal Boyd and Benjamin Hardman, they really taught me a lot about landscape photography and social media, whereas most of my work previously was more commercial, and product based. 



Diji is one of the leaders in drone photo & video equipment, what role do you have with them and how did you get involved?


I am an elite content partner with DJI, so they basically supply me with the latest DJI gear and I give them content to use on social media. Also when they launch new products I do get to do some shoots with prototype equipment for their launch videos. I’ve been collaborating with DJI since the Phantom 1 was released, I got that drone and just started submitted images to them, through that I just started to develop a good relationship with the marketing teams there. 



What advice do you have for the aspiring adventure photographers and videographers out there?


Try and do something original, but be safe and don’t do sketchy stunts with your drone, work hard, stay motivated, there’s still a lot of growing space in the drone industry.  


Where is your next adventure taking you and how can the readers follow along for that?


I’m going to Nicaragua next week for a surf trip. The country has banned drones so unfortunately, I can’t get drone shots with the waves are going to be epic! Follow me on Instagram 



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