Meet Brendan Williams owner of Outbound Media

    Brendan Williams is a British Columbia based adventure lifestyle photographer and the founder of Outbound Media, a content creation agency. His gallery on Instagram immediately caught our eye and it's no surprise that his following grows every day because he has over 6,000 Instagram users following his page! They say a picture's worth a thousand words, but let's get to know the man behind the lens..


Were you raised in Canada?  


"Yes. To be more specific, I have grown up just outside of Vancouver in Maple Ridge, BC."

How do you think that influenced your photography and work right now? 


"Growing up, right next to so many beautiful provincial parks, has most definitely influenced my work. The areas I have grown up, and spent much of my time in, have greatly influenced my style of photography as well as my lifestyle. Ever since first beginning to get out in nature and enjoying the outdoors as a kid, I've had a vibrant passion for sharing what I see with others. I used to play around with my parents camera and shoot photos in the forest or while out on hikes. I guess that sort of slowly transformed me into who I am now, the kid who just never stopped shooting what he loved to surround himself with.


Where I live constantly inspires me, especially to share locations near and dear to me, in more unique and captivating ways. If it wasn't for growing up in BC, I don't know if I would have the same style, let alone interest in shooting the work I create. Growing up in BC and wanting to share these stunning locations with others is ultimately what caused the initial spark for me in landscape and adventure photography."

Can you tell us more about your tutorials on YouTube?

"Totally! So each week I release original Photoshop tutorials as well as editing time lapses of my own work through my youtube channel. In many of my tutorials, I include download links for the photos used in the tutorial, so viewers can follow along with the same image, practicing exactly what I am teaching. I want my audience to feel like they have a new skill added to their tool kit after each of my tutorials they engage in.
I base most of my tutorials off my conceptual work, but all of the skills you learn through my Photoshop tutorials transfer to just about any style of photography or editing. Ultimately I just want to help share some of my knowledge with others, to help improve their own work. If it wasn't for people sharing tips with me, I wouldn't be where I am in today regards to my creative capabilities. The premise behind all of my videos is just about giving back and sharing with others, to help them build talents of their own."

Where to next and what are you planning to capture or create? 

"Hmm good question. I have a few snow camping trips I've been itching to get out on but currently just waiting for a good looking weather window for a weekend. I also have a few conceptual ideas/shoots I have in the works so currently working on capturing the images necessary to carry out those ideas as well. Other than that, I'm really just looking for new places to explore and people with similar ambitions and stoke to go explore with; all while constantly trying to improve my own work in every way I can. "

How can people follow you and if they want to reach out for services how would they go about it?

"Luckily for anyone wanting to reach out, I am super easy to get a hold of. Instagram DM's are a solid avenue to get in touch with me either through my landscape and adventure photo account( @outboundmedia) or my edits account (@brnwills) You can also get reach me via email( inquire about collaborations, business inquires, or even to just say hello! Last thing you can do is just hit that contact button on my website ( and get in touch with me instantly, all while exploring my most up to date work. I look forward to hearing from you!"

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