3 Feature Friday #1

Three different stories from three separate adventures, but there's more in common then just the adrenaline rush that's acquired. 

3 Feature Friday is three #Adrenalist stories from our Instagram shared to our blog weekly + Our final thoughts to wrap up the post, hope you enjoy!

1. Wildfire with Eli Peterson  ( @Eli.Jp ) 

"Living in a van, fighting fires. Parked in Utah for the next several months." Eli's bio is simple, but his photos tell a different story.

From rock climbing to firefighting this guy's getting after it and chasing those adrenaline rushes, so we contacted him for an #Adrenalist story and asked him: What do you do and why do you do it?

He replied...

Eli: "I'm a wildland firefighter, I would most definitely say my job gives you adrenaline rushes, cutting down burning trees, getting dropped off in remote locations via helicopter and fighting fire with fire. Wild Fire is a powerful and beautiful thing and when you are able to manipulate and control it to save homes and forests it is a wonderful thing."

2. Climbing with Colten Moore  ( @Coltenintheoutdoors )

Colten's an ice climbing guide who's consistently sharing his climbing photos from locations like Alaska to Las Vegas.

By embodying the #Adrenalist lifestyle and always chasing the next adventure, we asked him straight up "What Drives you to live the Adrenalist Lifestyle?"

Colten: "What drives me to live the #adrenalist lifestyle is traveling to beautiful places to step out of my comfort zone mentally and physically, all the while sharing it with my good friends."

Check out his adventures below:

3. Eirik "Fly" Syversen ( @EirikSyversen )

"Smash Glass and Use in Case of Emergency"..For all you adrenaline junkies who can't find your next big rush Eirik's your axe. 

Eirik Syversen is a wind-tunnel instructor, base jumper, and a wing-suit pilot a true renaissance man of all things aerially insane.

We asked Eirik, "What's your why and what drives you to do it?"

Eirik: "I am a restless soul. In a weird way pushing myself far out of the comfort zone does not only make me learn alot in general but it is also an extreme way of really feeling alive."

Final Thoughts

Purpose behind the adventure is what really makes a dent in the world and an improvement in our lives. Whether we're pushing past self-limiting beliefs or saving the environment from natural's the purpose that's important. Developing ourselves through rigorous adventures not only sharpens our bodies, but minds too which has a positive net effect on other areas of your life. If you incorporate this into a job that's empowering others to do the same whether it be recreational or environmental then you're on to something great. If you haven't already..follow us on Instagram, subscribe to our email list, and follow us on facebook to get more Three Feature friday blog posts.

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