Building an Outdoor Brand with Instagram

When I started Adrenalist Company in 2014 I was a college undergrad with high hopes and a lot of ambition. This sounds like the beginning of every entrepreneur's journey, but don’t worry I won’t bore you with another entrepreneurial adventure, instead I’ll shed some light on what I’ve learned so far which may be useful to you. While hope and ambition are both priceless feelings to have about the future of a business or endeavor it’s important to let them boost you toward hitting practical goals.


  1. Establishing the Right Goal for your Instagram Profile


You’ve probably heard the buzzword “niche” before which is a guaranteed point of every social media how-to by now, but while finding your audience of people or niche is important..what’s more, important is how will you serve them.

What is the product or service that you’re providing and how will the content you present play into the overall goals you have?

A good rule of thumb is to “Theme-Out” everything about your profile to make it as consistent with the website or brand you’re representing. It’s easier now than ever to reach thousands of people through Instagram, but with that being said how will your voice stand out?


  1. Keep it Authentic

Without high hopes and ambition, I would definitely not have started my brand, but like all feelings, those will pass. It sounds cliche but the passion for what you will do will aid you in those times where you may struggle, which is inevitable because it’s part of the journey.

Keep the relationship between yourself and your brand authentic because if you’re not truly passionate about it that will begin to show in the work.


  1. Build Biz Relationships

Chances are there are other people in your niche who have similar goals to you in terms of Instagram marketing, so take the time to reach out. Collaborative work can take on many forms and is very accessible with Instagram.

Here are a few examples you can toss around:

  1. Joint Giveaways ex. ( “Follow us both to enter to win this GoPro”)
  2. Collaborative Products or Services…the branding of two or more can be better than one
  3. Share each other’s work. Simple. Build your profile’s bigger with each other’s audiences.


Again, there's really not much more to Instagram marketing and it's just about staying consistent while creating compelling content. Give it a shot and keep at'll be surprised at your results a few months in.

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Happy new year everyone!


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