Advantages of Solar Energy

In the fast paced world that we live in, technology has become an absolute necessity. Specifically, the advent of the smart phone is arguably one of the most important breakthroughs of the 21st century. We rely on our smart phones for everything; to stay connected with others and the world, to do our work on and to even guide us when were lost by using maps that use GPS.

However, one thing man has not yet been able to achieve is a smart phone with unlimited battery. Smart phones have to be charged and this becomes a big issue when you are out having adventures and do not have a power outlet to plug your phone in!

This is where Adrenalist Solar Power Banks come in. If you are someone who frequently goes on adventures in the wilderness where you camp under the stars, you know that you need a portable power bank. Using a traditional external battery charger is not a good idea since those have to be charged themselves; and if you do not have access to an outlet then when the external charger runs out of battery, you are left with nothing!

Having one of the Adrenalist Solar Power Banks is a much better option because they are can be charged again with the use of the sun! And if you are an adventure enthusiast in the wilderness, one thing there is always plenty of is sunshine.

If you think that the solar charged Adrenalist Solar Power Banks don't hold a candle to the traditional external battery charger, you are mistaken. To ease your mind let us make a comparison between the specifications of both these items.

Adrenalist Company never compromises in quality so we made the Adrenalist Solar Power Banks even better than what traditional external battery chargers can give you.

It charges your phone in 5 hours to it’s full capacity when it is plugged in since it’s power efficiency is more than 90%. While the input is at 5V/1A and outport is 5V/2A in Adrenalist Solar Power Banks in traditional external battery chargers have an outport which is usually 5V/1A.

The Adrenalist Solar Power Banks have a warranty of 3 years while traditional external chargers have no warranty or one that is just up to one year.

The capacity of charge the Adrenalist Solar Power Banks have is 8001-9000 mAh; remember that this is charged through solar energy! Traditional external battery chargers have the same capacity or some models may have more depending on what you buy but these have to be charged via an outlet which bounds you to a physical place since you have to search for one. While solar energy is merely sunlight and can be found anywhere!

The Adrenalist Solar Power Banks are waterproof which not a lot of traditional external battery chargers are, you will have to specifically search for one which has this feature. The Adrenalist Solar Power Banks are also shockproof and dust-proof; these features are necessary for any adventure seeker!



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